The Papa Bass (PB100)


 The Papa Bass (PB100) is our 100 watt KT66 based bass amplifier.  The PB100 has an extremely clean preamp section with plenty of power to back it up.  Think 100 watts is not enough?  Wait until you hear the Papa Bass!  The PB100 is enough power to stay with any live drumset.  It has inputs for both active and passive pickups as well as a wide frequency range for all playing styles.  If you pluck, pick or slap the PB100 responds to every touch.  Does your sound guy (Hey Mark) need some control over your FOH mix? The PB100 also has a 600 ohm line-out on the back.  It also has two speaker outputs for one or two cabinets at the time.  It works well in smaller gigs with an optional 2×10 cabinet.  For larger gigs it can use two cabinets at once.  The PB100 has a custom 0.90 aluminum chassis with a hand-built point-to-point turret board loaded with high quality components.  The transformers are custom wound by Heyboer. The PB100 has a solid state rectifier to keep the bass nice and tight.  The controls includes a full tone stack including a mid-shift to sweep the midrange frequencies to dial in the perfect tone for the room.  The Papa Bass is offered just as a head.  We offer matching 2×10, 4×10, and 1×15 speaker cabinets to compliment the PB100.  We hand pick speaker models for the PB100 to bring out the best bottom end and the most definition.  We offer rough black as the stock color.  We also offer custom coverings.  Contact us or one of our dealers today to get one or configure your own custom Papa Bass today!
$2299.99- $3299.99*
  •  100 watts + RMS-
  • KT66 Based
  • Hand-wired Turret board
  • Active and Passive inputs
  • Selectable impedance output with extension cab jack
  • Includes a “Line Out” connection
  • Treble, Mid Sweep and Bass
  • Separate Master Volume and Gain
  • Custom Heyboer Transformers
  • Custom coverings and hardware available with optional matching speaker cabinets.

* Prices vary due to head-only, speaker cabinet options and custom covering options.