The Lil’ Liza Kate (LK10)

LLk Blu2The Lil’ Liza Kate (LK10) is a 10 watt Class A single- ended El84 based box of rock.  She packs one heck of a punch for her size!  The Lk10 is cathode biased, so this means that tubes are plug and play.  The Lk10 has fully hand-wired point-to-point eyelet board loaded with high quality components.  The LK10 is a great amp for the bedroom, small gigs and recording.  It is a very articulate amp that responds to touch and dynamics of the guitar.  It has chimey cleans and very smooth and pushy overdrives.  The overdrives are not brittle, but smooth and full with a very tight and round bottom end.  The LK10 is not made for tons of clean headroom as it is designed to start the break up at acceptable volume levels.  The LK10 also loves pedals!  From drives to delays this amp takes them all really well.  The LK10 is offered just as a head.  We offer matching 1×12 and2x12 speaker cabinets to compliment all of our amps.  We hand pick speaker models for each amp model to bring out the best of each amplifier model we build.  We offer rough black, worn red, rough blonde and white as stock colors.  We also offer custom coverings.  Contact us or one of our dealers today to get one or configure your own custom Lil’ Liza Kate today!

  • 10 Watts RMS
  • Class A Single-Ended EL84 based
  • Hand-wired eyelet board
  • 4,8 and 16 Ohm outputs
  • Volume, gain and tone for a super versatile lower wattage amplifier
  • Custom coverings available with optional matching speaker cabinets

* Prices vary due to head-only, speaker cabinet options and custom covering options.