The Lexi 50 (LX50)

lexiThe Lexi (LX50) is our take on a two channel plexi-style amplifier.  We’ve taken this design and tweaked and changed things until we had what we wanted out of it.  Which is a plexi-style amp that has a better clean channel and is not so dark sounding.  We have taken our core idea of making amps that are not a one-trick pony.  The LX50 is two channels with two input each that are bridgeable.  The LX50 is a 50 watt EL34 based amp.  The LX50 is tube rectified.  With a cleaner channel and a normal channel, the LX50 offers the magic of blending the volumes of the two channels to get the ultimate plexi tone!  It allows for a much more versatile amplifier for more than rock and roll.  The LX50 will satisfy the chicken-picker or the grinder equally! It is a whole new animal!  As well as having the cleans for country and jazz, it will do what a plexi is known for. Smooth, warm articulate overdrives that have layers and layers of El34 harmonics!  The LX50 has a custom 0.90 aluminum chassis with engraved faceplates. The internals are a hand-built point-to-point turret board with high  quality components.  The transformers are custom wound by Heyboer.  All the components are chosen to make the LX50 standout among a world full of plexi clones.  This is the plexi that will have people asking for your tone secret!  The Lexi is offered just as a head.  We offer matching 1×12, 2×12 and 4×12 speaker cabinets to compliment all of our amps.  We hand pick speaker models for each amp model to bring out the best of each amplifier model we build.  We offer rough black, worn red, rough blonde and white as stock colors.  We also offer custom coverings.  Contact us or one of our dealers today to get one or configure your own custom Lexi today!

  • 50 Watts RMS
  • A/B Push-Pull EL34 based
  • Tube Rectified
  • Hand-wired Turret board
  • Two Channels with High and Low Inputs
  • Separate Volume controls with bass, middle, treble and presence controls
  • 4,8 and 16 Ohm output with extention cab jack
  • Custom Heyboer Transformers
  • Custom coverings and hardware available with optional matching speaker cabinets
  • Two channels are bridgeable so that volumes can be blended on both channels
  • Favorite amp for blues and classic rock players.

* Prices vary due to head-only, speaker cabinet options and custom covering options.