The Hot Mama (HT18)

Worn Red Hot Mama The Hot Mama (HT18) is probably our best selling amp.  Named after my beautiful wife Debbie, it is very versatile.  It is sweet when sweet or sassy depending on the playing situation.  This amp covers so much ground… from country to punk, jazz to classic rock… It does clean as well as it does dirty.  The HT18 is a Class A push/pull EL84 based amp.  It is cathode biased, so tubes are plug and play.  The HT18 is tube-rectified and has just the right amount of sag.   The HT18 has a fully hand-wired point-to- point eyelet board loaded with high quality components.  The chassis is custom made .090 aluminum. The faceplates are engraved and wording is enamel filled.  The transformers are custom wound by Heyboer transformers. We spare no expense building this beauty!  The HT18 has a usable interactive master volume so you get full, chimey cleans   as well as lower volume full round overdrives!  It just sings!  The Ht18 is great for every playing situation from the bedroom to large venues!  We play them every week in worship at our Church!  We’ve also seen the HT18 hold its own very well played on stage in front of thousands of people!  The HT18 is the kind of amp that you can just plug straight into with any guitar and find just the right tone without any problem.  It LOVES pedals as well!  We have tried virtually every kind of popular guitar and pedal on the market with her!  The HT18  is offered just as a head.  We offer matching 1×12 and2x12 speaker cabinets to compliment all of our amps.  We hand pick speaker models for each amp model to bring out the best of each amplifier model we build.  We offer rough black, worn red, rough blonde and white as stock colors.  We also offer custom coverings.  Contact us or one of our dealers today to get one or configure your own custom Hot Mama today!

  • 18 Watts RMS-
  • Hand-wired eyelet board
  • Class A Push-Pull EL84 based
  • High and Low Inputs
  • Master Volume, Tone and Volume controls
  • 4,8, and 16 Ohm outputs
  • Custom Heyboer Transformers
  • Custom coverings and hardware available with optional matching speaker cabinets
  • Master volume blending with volume for super clean headroom or volume controlled overdrives
* Prices vary due to head-only, speaker cabinet options and custom covering options.
 Worn Red Hot Mama with optional 2x12 cabinetWhite Hot Mama with optional 2x12 cabinet