The Big Daddy (BD50)

The Big Daddy (BD50) is an amp that we put a huge amount of time and effort designing.  It is  EL34 based class AB push pull fixed bias.  The Big Daddy was designed to be a big amp in a medium-sized package.  We built the BD50 to have the EL34 crunch and push while still having cleans that will satisfy the Big Daddy WTcountry players.  It has more than enough clean headroom and also has the overdrives that we have all come to know and love from all the classic rock albums that we grew up listening to. The BD50 has a solid-state rectifer to keep it tight.   The  amp has a cathode-follower tone control that has a very useable frequency range. It also has a very interactive master volume that allows the player to have those great EL34 overdrives at volumes that are not wall shaking.  But that being said, this amp can really Rock and Roll!  The first input is hotter and allows overdrives sooner and the second allows for more clean headroom.  The Big Daddy does everything from CCR to AC/DC! It is built on a custom 0.90 aluminum chassis with engraved faceplates.  The internals are a hand-built point-to-point eyelet board loaded with high quality components.  We use custom transformers wound by Heyboer.  The BD50 is great for small to large gigs as well as recording!  As with all of our amps, the BD50 loves pedals!  It works great with all the popular styles of guitars. But it is a great amp for the player that just wants a guitar, cord and amp.  This amp spanks and sings as well as chunks and grinds!  Great string articulation and note separation with amazing harmonics! It has very tight lows, pronounced mids and singing highs.  This is an amp that makes you want to keep playing!  The Big Daddy is offered just as a head.  We offer matching 1×12, 2×12 and 4×12 speaker cabinets to compliment all of our amps.  We hand pick speaker models for each amp model to bring out the best of each amplifier model we build.  We offer rough black, worn red, rough blonde and white as stock colors.  We also offer custom coverings.  Contact us or one of our dealers today to get one or configure your own custom Big Daddy today!

  • 50 Watts RMS
  • Hand-wired eyelet board
  • A/B Push-Pull EL34 based
  • High and Low Inputs
  • Master Volume, Tone and Volume Controls
  • 4,8, and 16 Ohm outputs
  • Custom Heyboer Transformers
  • Custom coverings and hardware available with optional matching speaker cabinets
  • Master volume blending with volume for super clean headroom or volume controlled overdrives.

*Prices vary due to head-only, speaker cabinet options and custom covering options.

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