We are a bunch of guys (and girls) that grew up wanting to be rock stars.  We learned to play our instruments and thus began our quest for the sounds that we grew up with.


We found that creating and sculpting those sounds we wanted to recreate was not as easy as playing it right.  We needed the right tools.  But where to find them?  We tried buying our tones from all of the “big box” retailers and boutique shops.  It didn’t take long to determine that the right tone was only going to come from buying vintage, hand-wired amplifiers that were expensive and impossible to find, or were in very poor condition.


What did we do then?  Well, we decided to start building them ourselves!  If you can’t buy it, build It!


After a few years of trial and error we finally came up with our first  solid class A  single ended amplifier with a tone fit to satisfy even our jaded ears,  The “LiL Liza Kate”!  It was 10 watts of the best tone that we have personally ever heard.  It is clean when you need clean, and rude when you need Rude.  I mean growl with teeth!


If we could create that sound with 10 watts, what could we do with A/B push pull circuits?  Well then we really got into our element!  Check out our audio samples and hear it for yourself!